Meredith Allen is a certified CS Fundamentals Facilitator. Please contact with questions and/or requests for professional development in or around your school district. Below is a sample agenda for a typical day of learning.

Welcome to the CS Fundamentals Workshop!

Workshop led by: Meredith Allen, Prairie Lakes AEA
Information for this event:

Prior to the Workshop

There are several tasks we would like you to complete prior to your attendance at the workshop.

  1. Create a Teacher Account with  (Sign up here.)  You will need this account during the workshop so being set up and ready to go will help keep us on schedule the day of the event.
  2. View the pre-event videos at  There are currently two videos of approximately five minutes each.
  3. Explore the lesson sequence for the audience you are mostly likely to work with after the event.
  4. Make sure you have access to a WIFI and browser enabled laptop for the event.’s materials are primarily online and we will refer to them extensively during the workshop.
  5. Contact us if you can no longer attend the event ( or  For most events we have a limited number of seats.  If you are a no-show you may be preventing other teachers from participating in our workshop.
  6. Make sure you know where you are coming the day of the event.
  7. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the workshop.  We have a full day ahead of us, and we will have some minor administrative things we need to accomplish before we can get started including connecting to the local WIFI and logging in to the workshop dashboard on

During the Workshop

On the day of the event you will need to:

  1. Make sure that you check in and get a name badge.
  2. Log into using the teacher account you plan to use when teaching your students. If you didn’t create a teacher account prior to the workshop, please create one now. (Sign up here.)
  3. Join the workshop – check the unique URL being projected.
  4. Now comes the fun part: the puzzles! Choose one of the courses to try out.

AGENDA (subject to change slightly)

8:00 Registration and Puzzle Preview
Course 1 – Suitable for non-readers (Try it!)
Course 2 – Suitable for stronger readers (Try it!)
Course 3 – Suitable for Course 2 graduates (Try It!)
Course 4 – Suitable for Course 3 graduates (Try it!)

8:30 Intro, Goals & Norms

9:00 Overview, TLO Introduction & Unplugged #1
Getting Loopy (lesson plans & lesson video)

10:00 Online Lessons
Pair Programming – Tracking PP In The Classroom
Curriculum Overview
Maze: Loops, Puzzle
     Log in to your teacher account
Course 1, Stage 13: Try it or Course 2, Stage 6: Try it!

10:30 Break

10:45 Vocab Shmocab
Glossary at the back of the book and online. Categorize each lesson addressing one of {Debugging, Loop, Conditional, Event}
Course 1: Stage 13, Puzzle 2
Course 1: Stage 16, Puzzle 4
Course 2: Stage 11, Puzzle 3
Course 2: Stage 13, Puzzle 3

11:00 Prep for your Lesson
Strategies for Teaching CS
Prep for your Lesson:
     Graph Paper Programming – p. 90  (Teacher Materials / Video)
     Conditionals with Cards – p 139  (Teacher Materials / Video)
     Songwriting – p. 207 (Teacher Materials / Video)

11:30 Lunch/Continue Lesson Prep

12:30 TLO Lessons

2:00 Break
Corresponding unplugged activities from one of the TLOs
     Lesson A : Maze: Sequence (Try it!)
     Lesson B : Bee: Conditionals (Try it!)
     Lesson C : Artist Functions (Try it!)

2:15 Equity Conversation

2:45 Support and Community

3:00 Q & A/Integration with Commitment

3:20 Closing

After the Workshop

  1. Complete the evaluation survey that will be emailed to you shortly after the workshop is complete.
  2. Visit the forums, resources and see the FAQs on
  3. Feel free to email for help at
  4. Feel free to contact me for other forms of support  ( or
  5. Take advantage of’s online office hours – a video chat every two weeks where you can ask employees questions.  (