“Since July 2013, I have been on a journey of transformation. Some would think physical but the change has been within. I was motivated to start living a healthier lifestyle because of my daughters. At 240 pounds, it was hard to play with them and I was easily winded. After some research, I decided to adopt the Atkins/low carbohydrate diet and increase my exercising. What started as a 25 pound weight-loss goal through dieting transformed into a lifestyle change and has continued. My daughters were my motivation to begin the journey and they continue to be my motivation to maintain these habits while teaching them to make healthy choices.”

-Meredith Allen, Atkins Ambassador

Beginning in November of 2015, Meredith started representing Atkins. As a Success Story, she was featured in the commercial “Overjoyed” as well as the Atkins website.  She can also be found doing guest appearances on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. #HappyWeight