Makeys, Coding, Arduinos OH MY!

I was recently invited to participate in the North Union High School J-Term experience as a guest (really, I was just the AEA lady that brought some fun tech toys to play with:-).  What an absolute wonderful place to be during these freezing, dark days of January!  During these past 2 weeks, the halls were abuzz with work, students were engaged in passion projects and office referrals are almost non-existent.

The stop-“regular”-school-for-two-weeks-and-do-something-innovative experiences are catching. Some schools opt to have the experience as a May-Term, some have transitioned to incorporating 2 experiences/year and some schools have yet to be enlightened. The rigorous learning that is happening at NU during J-Term is Project-Based Learning (PBL). Driving questions are explored which lead to innovative teaching & learning, thus creating a personalized learning experience for all students involved.  I have attempted my first Storify below to capture just a glimpse of some of the magic.


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