Fame Thanks to Facebook

Ok, so I’m not going to be completely famous but I will be featured in a national aired commercial come January, meet and work with a celebrity and be picked up by a chauffeur (he/she will even have my name on a card!) at LAX tomorrow morning…this is a domino effect that started with a Facebook post a few months ago.

Back Story: I have always been overweight – size 16 when I graduated high school, size 18 when I married and a size 20 after 2 kiddos. I decided in July of 2013 to lose 25 pounds. I enlisted the help of Atkins (I love meat – low carb appealed to me). Fast forward to now, I’ve lost and kept off 108 pounds for over a PicMonkey Collageyear. Once I adopted the Atkins “lifestyle” (I hate the word diet and I will eat this way for the rest of my life), there was no going back. It was for me – I have more energy, I feel good, and I actually attempted to jog which has turned into a 15 mile a week addiction. I don’t want to say it was easy but it was easier than I originally thought it would, hence going past the 25-pound goal. A couple of months ago the Atkins Facebook Page advertised for success stories/before-after pictures (there was a drawing of some sort). I took 3 minutes out of my day, posted my pics/story, checked back a week later and found out I didn’t win the drawing. Oh well. Those things don’t happen to regular people anyway, right?!

About three weeks ago, I received an email from a marketing coordinator at Atkins inquiring on my story they had read on Facebook. I called them back and found out that they were interested in possibly shooting me in a commercial. No joke! We set up a Skype interview for the next week with the head honcho andI went about my business. I figured it was a long shot, they mentioned there were several interviews and they would choose 3 people. I thought I was lucky just to be asked for an interview.  Long story, short: They picked me!  I will be on a plane to California tomorrow morning – clothes fittings, interviews, car service, and a commercial shoot during the remainder of the week.  All started from a quick post on social media.

If you’re still reading, having endured all my selfish fame talk, I ask one thing of you: if you are faced with a parent, a teacher, an administrator, ANYONE that brushes off the power of social media (in the classroom or not) – please share my story. Imagine how a couple clicks of the mouse could transform someone else? Good or bad…



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