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Leslie Pralle-Keehn and I have been working on a 6-week blog series leading up to the Hour of Code in December. Here is the second installment recently published on our team page RethinkRedesign:

This week we would like to share some awesome resources for the upcoming Hour of Code during Computer Science week, December 7th-13th. Hopefully, you have heard of Hour of Code (HoC), want to be involved and have started planning your specific event(s) at your school/community. As of today there are 97,227 events planned in 180+ countries. To say least, there are a lot of online resources available. We would like to help your planning process as you are sifting through the vast world wide web. Below are age-specific resources you might want to consider with a couple of notables:   

PreschoolBotLogic, web-based and geared for very young users, web-based, full curriculum available

1stScratchJr, app available on iTunes or Google play

2ndDiscovery Education, free samples and paid version

3rdHopscotch, app available on iTunes, make your own games

4thBlockly, series of games, when finished, players are ready to use conventional text-based languages

5thScratch, create interactive games and stories and share online

6thSnap!, build-your-own-blocks feature

7thStarwars, Build the galaxy with JavaScript

8thComputerCraftEDU, programmable turtle robots to Minecraft

9thKhan Academy – HTLM/CSS Webpages, (webpage creation inspired)

10thCodecademy, (multiple interest inspired)

11thTinkercad, (3D-printing inspired)

12thSonic Pi (music inspired)

Obviously there are TONS more out there…the above are ones we have either had personal experience with or seen/heard awesome student success stories. We would like to invite you to comment below with any additional “must have’s” that are missing. Our list is ever-evolving and we are all about: #makeitbetter !

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