First and Last

#itecIA 2015  In. The. Books.

First one for me, not the last. However, it will most likely be the last ITEC conference I will attend as an audience member solely. My future will include presenting (background on me: I have never presented outside the safety and security of my old school). My colleagues are great presenters – they have set a high bar.  I will do my best to do right by my team with future presentations.

It was very interesting meeting and seeing all of the different people at this conference. Similarly to a classroom, there are many different backgrounds, abilities and attitudes. I took full advantage of being an audience member but also keeping a keen eye for what the presenters said, did and included for information on their slides. Very informative on many levels.

Everyone seemed to be very welcoming and I do look forward to building many relationships. Technology can connect people around the globe, which is amazing, incredible and so necessary in our society. Consequently, it can also be isolating at times (a large portion of your work day spent in front of a screen and not physically interacting with people). I am realizing the piece I have been missing the past couple of months since packing up my classroom-people in their physical form-I will just have to feed that need at conferences and meet-ups.  Like, mondo feed. Like, all-you-can-eat buffet.

Okay, I’m putting down the fork from ITEC and will pick it back up, well, tomorrow at our statewide bi-annual AEA meetup! An oasis of physical beings this week, yee-haw!

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