Recipe for Magic


(1) nephew, age 15

(1) daughter, age 6

(1) Mr. Pibb, sustenance for teenage-boy when snarky-ness ensues

(1) Lego Mindstorms, EV3 package

(1) Pandora station, recommend: classic rock or an 80’s station (teenage boy needs to have autonomy with music choice)

Directions: Provide ingredients, a workspace and a gentle push.  Step back and enjoy.

Nutrition: Natural learning occurs on many levels.  Engagement in the activity occurs without prompts for all parties involved (including the chef).  Focus, collaboration, problem-solving and excitement happen simultaneously between ages.  All this with a bonus nourishment of learning to code…..or, rather, coding to learn.

Chef’s Notes: I highly recommend cooking up some of this pure, absolute magic.  You are in for a treat!

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