My Tribe

I would like to introduce you to my new tribe and quite possibly, my first tribe.  I’m learning (thanks to Seth Godin) that a tribe is a group of people that are connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea.  My tribe is the learning, technology, and innovation team at Prairie Lakes AEA – pure awesomeness.  They have enveloped me into their group, or rather tribe, warmly and without hesitation.

I will begin introductions with the tribe leader, Dr. Scott McLeod. When Scott speaks of education and any facet of education, you listen, learn and go!  He has challenged me in wonderful ways and I look forward to soaking up as much information, stimulation and motivation as I can carry.  He has proved to be an inspiring leader and it’s only week six.  (However, I have known from day one…he’s THAT good.)

The other members of my new tribe are three very fascinating, independent and knowledgeable women.  Julie Graber, Erin Olson and Leslie Pralle-Keehn are going places.  Spending six days with them in Philadelphia and being in constant electronic contact since June, I have learned from each woman in some capacity.  I forecast many more lessons they will teach me.  Ladies, thank you in advance.

We are connected in many respects.  The tribe is connected in a literal sense (albeit virtually most of the time), but most importantly we are connected by an idea.  We believe in increasing innovative educational practices which focus on deeper learning, student autonomy, and authentic work using digital tools (if said tools are relevant of course!)

My tribe is awesome.  My tribe rocks.  I’m one lucky girl.


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  1. I am looking forward to reading of your new adventure and this new “awesome” tribe. I think it will be interesting.

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