I just started reading Influencer-The New Science of Leading Change written by several leaders in best practice training products and services.  Sounds kind of dry, right?  Actually, no.  I was very surprised on how easy it was to pick it up given the title and the very boring cover.

Chapter 2 outlines the three keys to influence and the 3rd key is what really got me thinking: Engage all six sources of influence.  This is the ‘what’ after you’ve figured out the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ if you are familiar with Simon Sinek and his Golden Circle.  I found myself thinking along the lines of leadership influence (for lack of a better word) again.  This seems to be a recurring theme within my blogging.  The six sources of influence are:

1. Personal Motivation – Do they enjoy it?

2. Personal Ability –  Can they do it?

3. Social Motivation – Do others encourage them to enact the wrong behavior?

4. Social Ability –  Do others enable them?

5. Structural Motivation –  Do rewards and sanctions encourage them?

6. Structural Ability – Does their environment enable them?

If an educator has poor leadership, their answers are probably: no, maybe, yes, no, no, no.  0/6  If an educator has a supportive leader, their answers are probably yes, yes, no, yes, yes, yes.  6/6

I prefer the latter.

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