Our educational leadership system is broken. I used to think that the majority of schools have supportive, thoughtful administrators that communicate with staff in a humane, decent way.  If you were a school without that support, you were rare. Right?

Wrong.  It’s a systemic problem that needs to be addressed and fixed.  Like, now.

How can I make that sweeping statement today when just a few weeks ago I was a naive teacher thinking everyone was “keeping on keeping on”?  I just witnessed something incredible.  It goes like this:

I am attending an international educational technology conference and my focus has been school redesign.  How can we transition our school systems to move from the traditional teacher-led classroom to student-centered, creating classrooms? This afternoon, one session in particular grabbed my attention. It’s focus was bridging the administrator barrier in our digital age.  Since strong, effective leadership is a prescription to educational change, I thought it appropriate to catch this session which was presented by three US principals.  Within minutes after starting the presentation, the audience was instructed to recite a SAMR cheer.  Yep, I typed that correctly.  It went something like this: Ok, give me a S (repeated S), give me a A (repeated A), etc., etc. 

The rarity I thought existed only sporadically throughout our educational system managed to present itself on a very important platform.  I do not think this is a mere coincidence. Something, very important, is broken. 

I’m going to go get my toolbox.

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