The beginning. Where do I start?  I sit here at ISTE Central on the first official day of the conference, off to the side, coffee in hand and soaking it in.  I am in full immersion of this world I was aware of existing but not a part of until recently.  Aside from my amazing team (, the educators I have been exposed to these past couple of days have inspired me more than I thought possible.
I packed up my music and computer classrooms last week to begin my next adventure, instructional technology consulting.

My head had been stuck in the sand for the past nine years. I had tunnel vision.  I was a good teacher with successful programs and wonderful kids and fantastic experiences but my sight didn’t go much past the next concert, the next unit, the end of the quarter.  Rather, my eyes were half open to the possibilities of education and have been snapped open and to my delight, wow.  What a world!  Passion, innovation, future, diversity, love, trust, excitement, kindness, and possibility.  One can not sit idly by without getting an itch to dig in and start working toward a common goal in this world when the door has been held wide open for them.
I think back at my teaching nine years and question the missed opportunities but realize that I was doing everything I was taught/thought to do.  The stars have now aligned, given me opportunity and I’m taking it, head on.  I am going to my use my past half-open eyed experiences.  I will pass on as much information, excitement, awesomeness to the me’s circa 2010, 2012, etc.  I’m going to light fires, question, LEARN, dive in.  Head first.  I’ll come up for air eventually but for now I am strapping the tanks on and exploring the depths.  Stay tuned.

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